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Welcome to The Awesome Sauce English Teacher Blog

Teaching is hard…

Especially during Covid. With classes going online and social distancing in the classroom, we’re forced to rethink how we teach.

This site is a collection of useful tips and links to brighten up a class despite the dark COVID cloud hanging over us all.

Stay Awesome…

Teaching is about having fun with your students whether they’re adults or kids. I’ll be sharing some ideas and videos to add fun to your regular classes.

Don’t forget that learning doesn’t have to be a chore. 

Summer Camp!

Wow. I was so busy over summer that I completely forgot to share our summer camp crafts. We travelled around the world and celebrated various festivals in each continent. We started in Spain with San Juan since we are in Spain and made bonfires. Then we visited Ireland for St.Patrick’s day and made leprechaun hats. … Continue reading Summer Camp!